Introduction and organizational structure

Napster is an on-demand music and video streaming service. We make content available from third party rights holders. Our service is present in many countries across the world and we have employees working out of offices in London. Napster Music Limited is a UK registered company and a subsidiary of Napster Music Inc.

Supply Chain

We are committed to treating everyone in our business and supply chain with dignity and respect. We procure many different products and services from a variety of suppliers. Our supply chains currently relate mainly to the following activities: digital content; IT infrastructure; customer services; marketing and advertising.

Throughout our supply chains, we are committed to high ethical standards, promoting safe and fair working conditions and responsible management of environmental and societal issues. We believe we have a responsibility and opportunity to encourage sustainable business practices as well as inclusion and diversity among our many suppliers.

Modern slavery

Napster is opposed to all forms of human trafficking, slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labour and all other trafficking-related activities (together, “human trafficking”). As an online content platform, where most of our workers are employed directly by our organisation, we consider ourselves to be at low risk. We strictly prohibit human trafficking and the use of involuntary labour in our business and work to eliminate any human trafficking from our supply chains.

Our position is well-known internally. All personnel are required to comply with our handbook, which, among other things, prohibits violations of law, including labour and employment laws. In addition to the handbook, Napster’s policies and compliance procedures with respect to workforce education on labour standards, pay transparency, hours of work and harassment are designed to mitigate the risk of human trafficking in our business. Our staff may report any violations of, or activity inconsistent with our policies and compliance procedures to our human resources department.

This statement is Napster Music Limited’s Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement as required under the Modern Slavery Act 2015.